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Abhinay Deo Wiki Biography Profile Age Height Filmography

Abhinay Deo Wiki Biography Profile Age Height Filmography along with these read more interesting facts about this Indian film director and screen writer.He was born  in Mumbai ,Maharashtra state.His age is about .
abhinay deo wiki biography

The first film he directed is Delhi Belly.He done this work in the year 2011.For this film he received Filmfare ward for the best debut director.
Later he worked for the projects like Game in the year 2011 and Force 2 in the year 2016.
Delhi belly was a massive hit and he waited for a perfect script for about 7 years and he got the script of Blackmail.When he read the script he said to himself that the Blackmail was the movie that he has to do  next.
His younger brother is Ajinkya Deo who is a famous actor in marathi film industry.
His father name is Ramesh Deo and his mother name is Seema Deo.
Irrfan Khan is the leading artist in the movie.The teaser was released on the valentine day.It created sunami on the internet.
The other roles are performed by Kirti Kulhari, Divya Dutta, Arunoday Singh, Omi Vaidya, Anuja Sathe, Pradhuman Singh Mall, Gajraj Rao.
The teaser promised the film to be highly entertaining.

  • Name:Abhinay Deo
  • Date of birth;
  • Age:
  • Father:Ramesh Deo
  • Mother:Seema Deo
  • Brother:Ajinkya Deo
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Occupation:Film Director
  • Known For: Delhi Belly
  • Nationality:Indian.


2011 Delhi Belly Hindi
2011 Game          Hindi
2013 24                  Hindi TV series
2016 24: Season 2 Hindi TV series
2016 Force 2          Hindi
2018 Blackmail Hindi
More information about Abhinay Deo Wiki Biography Profile Age Height Filmography  will be updated soon.

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Amrita Puri Wiki Biography Age Height Husband Movies Interesting Facts

Amrita Puri  Wiki Biography Age Height Husband Movies Interesting Facts read here amazing and unknown facts of Amrita puri.Her date of birth is 20th august 1983.She ia a famous Indian film actress.She acted in number of commercial hit movies of bollywood.
Amrita Puri  Wiki Biography Age Height Husband Movies Interesting Facts
Amrita Puri

When was Amrita Puri born

Amrita Puri was born on 20th august 1983.Her father name is Aditya puri who is a CEO and MD of HDFC bank.She lives in Mumbai Maharashtra.Her age is about 34 years.Her mother name is Anitha puri.

Who is Amrita Puri Husband

 Amrita Puri Husband name is Imrun Sethi

What is the Date Of Birth Of Amrita Puri

Amrita Puri's date of birth is 20th august 1983.She was born in Mumbai,Maharashtra,India.

Amrita Puri  Wiki Biography Age Height Husband Movies Interesting Facts

Amrita completed her post graduation,after completing her post graduation she started her career as a writer for the Indian stage.
She worked in the lifestyle magazine as a freelance writer.For an year she worked as a copy writing for a private advertising agency.
She has done auditioning for a period of an year for movies and for ad films.
Her first ad compaign was done for Kotex.Later she featured in several TV commercial ads for several brands.
At last she appeared in the movie Aisha by playing the role of Shefali Thakur.This movie was successful in commercial point of view.Her performance in the movie was praised by the critics.
This was dubbed in to english with the title "India's first chick flick".
  • Name - Amrita Puri
  • Nick Name - Amrita
  • Date of Birth - 20/08/1983
  • Age - 34 years (2017)
  • Born Place - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Profession - Indian Film and Television Actress
  • Father - Aditya Puri (CEO & MD of HDFC Bank)
  • Mother - Anita Puri
  • Brother - Amit Puri
  • school - Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai
  • College / University - St. Xaviers College, Mumbai
  • Education - Post Graduate MA in Mass communication
  • Nationality - Indian
  • Religion - Hindu
  • Height - 5'5'' / 165 cm / 1.65 m
  • Weight - 54Kg / 120 lbs
  • Body Measurements - 36-24-36
  • Debut Film:Aisha in the year 2010.
  • Hobbies:Reading and writing.

Movies List Of Amrita Puri

2010 Aisha
2012 Blood Money
2013 Kai Po Che!
2018 Zero
2019 David Dhawan's Untitled Project
2019 Maya Aur Zoya Ki Judwaa Maya Sharma, 
2019 Abbas–Mustan's Untitled Project
2019 Gutka

Awards To Amrita Puri

For Aisha film she won the stardust Awards in the category of  Best Breakthrough Performance Award in the year 2010.
For the same film she was nominated for filmfare awards. for the best actress in the supporting role.
She was also nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Zee Cine awards and Screen awards.
These are Amrita Puri  Wiki Biography Age Height Husband Movies  Interesting Facts ,hope you enjoyed reading these.

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15 Interesting Facts In Life History Of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj

15 Interesting Facts In Life History Of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj every Indian should know these in order to fill his heart with patriotism.
Shivaji was born on February 19th in the year 1627 in Shivneri fort.This fort is located in Pune district of Maharashtra.Every year February 19th is celebrated as Chhatrapathi Shivaji Jayanthi or Chhatrapathi Shivaji birth anniversary.His father name is Shahaji Bhonsle and his mother name is Jijabai.

15 Interesting Facts In Life History Of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj
Shivaji Maharaj

 15 Interesting Facts In Life History Of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj

  1. Which is actual birth year of Chhatrapathi Shivaji 1627 or 1630.Most of the parts of the country take 1627 as the birth year of  Shivaji but Maharashtra government observes 1630 as the birth year of shivaji.How ever there is no controversy on the date of birth it is taken as February 19.
  2. Shivaji's brothers name is Shambaji,after shambaji all the kids who took birth were dead.So Jijabai prayed to the local goddess Shivai for a healthy child.In the honour of Shivai Jijabai bai gave the name Shivaji.Some say that Shivai is goddess parvathi not the local Deity.
  3. The first king who recognised the importance of Navy force is Shivaji.He established navy force and he built the forts on the coastal line to protect his kingdom from the attacks of British,Portuguese and other foreign countries.So Shivaji is called as the father of Indian Navy.
  4. Shivaji learnt respecting women from his mother..Once, when one of his Jagirdhaar defeated a muslim king and draged his wife to the fort,Shivaji warned him and compared the muslim kings wife with his mother.He gave her lot of gifts and sent her back to the muslim king.
  5.  Jijabai narrated many epic tales from Mahabharatha,Ramaayan and life history of Bhali Chakravarthy to young shivaji.These tales made Shivaji more patriotic and filled his heart with immense love towards his mother land.
  6. Shivaji fought his first war at the age of 17 years.In this war he defeated Beejapur sultan and captured Torna fort.After that he continuously waged wars and recaptured the forts and areas which his father lost to Adilsha king.
  7. Adilsha kidnapped Shivaji's father shahaji and sent an army to kill Shivaji's brother.Both Shivaji and his brother furiously attacked the Adilsha's army.They bought their father back by defeating the army.
  8. Shivaji had great idea about the geography of the country.He used to attack the enemy forces surprisingly in unexpected ways.Shivaji is very intelligent in wagging guerrilla war fare.He used to attack the enemy in small groups from different directions.This tactic gave him victory in number of attacks.It is this tactic made him to capture number of forts.
  9. Shivaji never damaged any religious constructions.He respected all the religions.He gave freedom to follow any religion in his country.Though he is a great devotee of Bhavani Devi.He never criticized other religions.He constructed number of temples and masjids.He gave placements to muslims in his army.In his kingdom number of muslims worked in higher ranks.
  10. Shivaji is master in the art of escaping.He escaped from the Agra when he was arrested by Aurangzeb.He and his 6 year old son escaped by hiding in a flower box.In this escape a muslim known as Madani helped him a lot.
  11. Adilsha sent an army leaded by Afzal Khan to defeat Shivaji.When this army started destroying the Bhavani Devi's temples.Shivaji sent a message for peace talks.A meeting was arranged near Pratapghad fort.Shivaji expected a combat in the meeting,so he wore a metal jacket and carried a tiger's claw under his jacket.As expected Azal Khan attacked Shivaji resulting in causing no damage to Shivaji.Shivaji then gave a surprising attack with his tiger claw and killed Afzal Khan.Later Shivaji's army attacked the Afzal Khan army which is secretly hidden in he dark forest.In this war Shivaji army came out with a great success.
  12. Beejapur sultan bought army from Arab,Persia and Afghan to fight against Shivaji.This army consists of 10000 skilled warriors.Shivaji with his 5000 warriors fought vigorously and  defeated the foreign army.
  13. In the year 1660 Aurangazeb sent an army with 1 lakh warriors under the leadership of Shaayistha Khan.Shivaji accepted the defeat and he left Pune in the part of his defeat.later in the year 1664 Shivaji attacked Surat town and robbed the town.For this act,Aurangazeb sent an army under the leadership of Raja jai Singh.Shivaji understood that he could not win the war.Then he accepted the defeat and gave away 23 forts and four lakhs rupees to Aurangazeb.
  14. Shivaji slowly increased his army to 1 lakh with lot of weapons.then from the year 1670 he started attacking the Mogul forces and started recapturing the lost forts.During the process of conquering the simhghar fort he lost his follower Thanaji.After the victory he commented that we gained the fort but we lost the lion.He compared Thanaji with a lion.
  15. He engaged all the 27 years in war fare and established a vast Maratha empire.He suffered with fever for continuously three weeks and atlast dead in the year 1680 on April 3rd.
Hope your hearts too filled with patriotism after going through this article 15 Interesting Facts In Life History Of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj

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Interesting Facts about Sasha Chettri Wiki Movie List Age Debut Movie Net Worth

Airtel 4G girl Sasha Chettri screen entry took place on small screen with a TV ad which was about the Airtel 4G Network.This ad was aired in 2015.She became a hot topic when the ad became popular in the country.Her date of birth is 26th November 1996.As on 2018 her age is about 19 years.She was born in Dehradun in Uttarkhand state.Now in this post know some Interesting Facts about Sasha Chettri Wiki Movie List Age Debut Movie Net worth.

Interesting Facts about Sasha Chettri Wiki Movie List Age Debut Movie Net Worth 

This 19year girl after becoming more popular as a musician and in TV commercial ads now she is entering in to the movies.She has signed a Telugu movie.Her debut in the movies as an actress is going to be with a Tollywood movie.
She is going to act in the movie which is going to be screened by the director Sai Kiran
Sai kiran proved himself with two movies Vinayakudu and Kerintha.
This film is going on to sets within few days.Sasha is attending training classes in Hyderabad for this movie.

Name   Sasha Cattri
Nick Name   Sasha
Date Of Birth   26th November 1996
Place of birth   Dehradun Uttarkhand
Age   19 years
occupation   Model,Musician,Actress
Religion   Hindhu
Nationality  Indian
Height   5'5"
Father Name  Arun Kumar Chettri 
Mother Name   Meena Chettri
Popular as   Airtel Girl
Remunaration For First AIRTEL AD  10 lakhs
Remunaration fro quick heal ads   18 lakhs
Boy friend name  Jatin Asthana
Initially sasha tried in many ad agencies for chances,but she did not get any call from the agencies.Atlast luckily she got chance to work in the Airtel 4G ad with which she became very much popular in India.
She had very long hair but for the Airtel ad she had to cutu her long loving hair.In the Airtel ad she appeared in different hair cut styles which became very popular.
She also worked in music albums as she is a talented musicians.
For the first ad she was given 10 lakhs.But later her remunaration for the quick heal ads has been hiked to 18 lakhs.
She loves enjoying food with her parents and with her boy friend Jatin Asthana.
Her Facebook page has 1,51000 fans.
Her hair cut styles in different ads became very popular,many girls maintained her hair style.
Her networth is about 55 lakhs.
Hope you enjoyed reading Interesting Facts about Sasha Chettri Wiki Movie List Age Debut Movie Net Worth 

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ISRO Scientists Engineer Age Limit For General SC ST And OBC Candidates

Here you can check the ISRO Scientis/Engineer Age Limit For General SC ST And OBC Candidates.ISRO is engaged in the development of space science and technology in India.This organisation will always be engaged in the designing in the space launch vehicles.It also works in developing and launching of communication and remote sensing satellites.
CEPO is civil engineering programme office which is located in the ISRO head quaters  Bangalore .This is responsible in constructing the buildings at different ISRO units which are located through out the country.
ISRO recruits the scientist and engineers in different disciplines like civil,electrical,Architecture etc.
So the canditates those who are willing to apply for these posts check your eligibility criteria and age limit here.

ISRO Scientists Engineer Age Limit For General SC ST And OBC Candidates

General candidates:35 years
SC/ST candidates:40 years
OBC candidates:38 years
For the general candidates the age limit should be 35 years as on 05.03.2018.
For SC/ST candidates the age limit should be 40 years.
For OBC Candidates the age limit should be 38 years.
For the candidates those who belong to Ex-Serviceman and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) are eligible for age relaxation as per Govt. of India orders .

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TSPSC Hostel Welfare Officers Certificates required During Verification

Here in this post get the information about certificates to be provided by the candidate during the verification process of TSPSC Hostel Welfare Officers.The information provided here is present in the official notification released by TSPSC Hyderabad.
certificates required for TSPSC hostele welfare officers

As per the notification no.06/2018 which was released on 30/01/2018 for the recruitment of grade II hostel welfare officers or Hostel Wardens the candidates should keep the following certificates ready in order to provide during the process of verification.

TSPSC Hostel Welfare Officers Certificates required During Verification

  • Aadhar Card.
  • Proof of Educational Qualifications.
  • Date of Birth Certificate / S.S.C
  • School Study Certificate
  • Declaration by the Unemployed (For claiming exam fee exemption)
  • No Objection Certificate from Employer (if anywhere employed)
  • Local Scheduled Area Certificate (Candidates hailing from Agency Area) wherever
  • applicable.
During the process of verification the candidates should get the following certificates in the prescribed format from the government of Telangana.

  • Community Certificate (Issued in the name of candidate as S/o OR D/o)
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate as per Form- VIIB / Creamy Layer Certificate as per
  • Form- VIIC vide Memo. No. 3009/BCW/OP/2001 Government of Telangana BC welfare
  • Department Dt.18/12/2015.(Certificate issued in the name of candidate as S/o OR D/o)
  • Certificate of Residence / Nativity (where the Candidates not studied in School / Private Study)
During the process of verification the candidates should submit the following certificates which are obtained from the competent medical authority.
  • Medical Certificate for the Blind
  • Certificate of Hearing Disability and Hearing Assessment
  • Medical Certificate in respect of Orthopedically Handicapped Candidates
These are the Certificates In verification Process of TSPSC Hostel Welfare Officers/Hostel Wardens

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Deepti Sharma Wiki Biography | Interesting Facts Family Records

Deepti Bhagwan Sharma called as Deepti Sharma is an Indian cricketer.She belong to Uttar Pradesh state.She was born on 24th August 1997 in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.In the year 2014 on 28th november she played her first women,s one day international cricket match with South Africa.She is a left handed batswomen.She is also talented with the ball.She do magic with the ball by bowling right arm off spin.Here know Deepti Sharma Wiki Biography | Interesting Facts Family Records
She created a world record of scoring 320 runs for opening partnership.This record was created on 15th may 2017 in WODI against the country Ireland.She shared this record with opener Poonam Raut.She scored 188 runs.
Indian team reached the final in the women's cricket world 2017.Deepthi was the member in the team and played a key role in taking the team to the final.But the team lost the game to England in the final.

Deepti Sharma Wiki Biography | Interesting Facts Family Records

Name :Deepti Sharma
Nick Name:Deepti
profession:Indian women cricketer
First Match:on 28th november 2014 with south africa
In centimeters:163
In meters:1.63
In feets:5'4"
In kilograms:52 kilograms approx
In pounds:120lbs
Body Measurements:32-27-31
Eye Colour:Black
Hair Colour:Black
Personal Information
Date Of Birth:24th august,1997
Birth Place:shaharanpur,Uttar Pradesh
Home Town:shaharanpur
Zodiac Sign:
School:will be updated soon
College:will be updated soon
Educational Qualification:will be updated soon
First match:
 Test- 13 August 2014 vs England Women in Wormsley
 ODI- 19 March 2009 vs West Indies Women in Sydney
T20- 13 June 2009 vs Pakistan Women in Taunton
Father:Bhagwan Sharma
Sisters:will be updated soon
will be updated soon
Marital Status:unmarried
Husband/Spouse:Not appicable
Marriage Date:not applicable
Salary:will be updated soon
Net Worth:will be updated soon
While she was playing WODI with Srilanka in the year 2016,she took 6 wickets and gave just 20 runs.This record was claimed as the best recoed in her bowling career.This match was played at Ranchi
As she showed good performance in the domestic level cricket the selectors showed interest in selecting her for the national cricket team.
In ICC Women's World Cup Qualifier final in the year 2017 she scored 89 runs from 71 balls.In this match she was awarded as player of the match. 
Hope you got the compplete information about Deepti Sharma Wiki Biography | Interesting Facts Family Records
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List Of Richest And Poorest Chief Ministers Of India ADR Report 2018

Here is the List Of Richest And Poorest Chief Ministers Of India ADR Report. The list is prepared depending on the value of the assets of Indian chief ministers.The Association For Democratic Reform released a report which included the value of assets or the wealth held by each of the chief ministers of India. According to the Report the richest chief minister is Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Niadu.He holds a wealth of 177 crores of rupees.The poorest CM is Tripura CM Manik Sarkaar.Manik Sarkar's assets wealth is about 26 lakhs according to the report.
There are two chief ministers who hold above 100 crores wealth,They are chandra Babu Naidu and Pema Khandu.Pema khnadu holds aboout 129.57 crores.He ranks second after chandrababu naidu.Third place goes to Punjab CM Amarender singh witha a worth of 48 crores.

List Of Richest And Poorest Chief Ministers Of India ADR Report

Andhra Cm Chandra Babu naidu:177 crores
Arunachal pradesh CM Pemakhandu:103 crores
Punjab amarender singh:6crores
manik srakar Tripura:24 lakhs
Mamatha Benerjee West Bengal 30 lakhs
Mehabooba Mufti Jammu Kashmir;10 lakhs
Telangana Chandrasheker rao :15.51 crores
Meghaalaya Mukul Sangma:14.50 crores
Karnataka Siddaramayya:13.61 crores
Odisha Naveen Patnaik 12.06 crores
Sikkim Pawan Kumar Chamling:10.70 crores
Puducherry V. Narayanasamy:9.65 crores
mizoram Lal Thanhawla :9.15 crores
Gujarath Vijay Rupani:9.09 crores
Tamil Nadu Edappadi K. Palaniswami:7.80 crores
Goa Manohar Parrikar 6.29 crores
Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan :6.27 crores 
Chattisgarh Raman Singh 5.61 crores
Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis :4.34 crores
Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje :4.04 crores
Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram Thakur: 3.27 crores
Delhi 2.09 crores
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal: 2.09 crores
Nagaland CM T. R. Zeliang :1.96 crores
Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal :1.85 crores
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar:1.71 crores
Manipoor CM N. Biren Singh:1.56 crores
Uttar Khand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat:1.15 crores
Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan:1.O7 crores
Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath :95 lakhs 
Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das:72 lakhs
Hariyana CM Manohar Lal Khattar:61 lakhs
This is the List Of Richest And Poorest Chief Ministers Of India ADR Report 2018.
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Manjula Ghattamaneni Wiki Biography Husband Family Age Height Weight

Manjula Ghattamaneni a multi talented personality is known to the Film industry as a good actress and also as a producer.Now we are going to see Manjula as a Film Director.The first movie which she has directed is going to be released on February 16th.The film name is Manasuku nachchindi.The actor and the actress in the movie are Sandeep kishan and Amaira Dasthar.This movie is produced on the banners Anandi arts and Indira productions.Here in this post know complete details about Manjula Ghattamaneni Wiki Biography Husband Family Age Height Weight. 

She was born in Madras in Tamil Nadu state in the year 1970.Her Father is Telugu super star Krishna and her mother name is Indira Devi.She has two brothers and two sisters.Her elder brother is Ramesh Babu who is a film actor.Her younger brother is Mahesh Babu who is latest Tollywood super star.
She worked in Tamil and Malayaalam movies initially.She started her career by doing a cameo as a terrorist in R. K. Selvamani's Rajasthan.In the year 1998 she acted in a malayaalam movie Summer in Bethlehem.Suresh Gopi was the hero of the movie.In the begining of the career Super star krishna fans did not accepted her as a heroine in the movies.

Manjula Ghattamaneni movies As A Producer 

Show:In the year 2002,Director Neelakanta
Naani:In the year 2002,Director Suryaah
Pokiri:In the year 2006,Director Puri Jagannaath
Kavya's Diary:In the year 2009,Director Karuna Prakash
Ye Maaya Chesave:In the year 2010,Director Gautham Menon
 The movie show won the National Film Fare Award for the best feature film in telugu.Pokiri movie has won the Nandi Award for the most popular film.Pokiri was a block buster hit in telugu film industry.This film has created all time industry records.

Manjula Ghattamaneni movies As An Actress

1998 Summer in Bethlehem Malayaalam
1999 Rajasthan                                           Tamil
2002 Show Telugu
2010 Orange                                                Telugu
2013 Sevakudu                                           Telugu
Her first movie as a Director is Manasuku Nachindi actors in the film are Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur, Tridha Choudhury.This film is goin to release on February 16th 2018.
Recently she said that she would be very much exciting to direct her brother Mahesh Babu.She said that she is waiting for the chance.She also said that she has a story which fits exactly to the mentality of Power star Pawan Kalyan.This story is about a famous actor who dreams to help people and serve the people by entering in to the politics.She said that she is ready to direct Pawan if he gives the green signal. 

 Manjula Ghattamaneni Wiki Biography Husband Family Age Height Weight

Name:Manjula Ghattamaneni,Manjula Swarooop
Father Name:Krishna
Mother Name:Indira Devi
Brothers:Mahesh Babu,Ramesh Babu
Sisters:Two sisterrs names not available
Date Of Birth:1970
Place Of Birth:Madras
Husband name:Sanjay Swaroop
Step Mother: Vijaya Nirmala
Brother-in-law:Jay Galla,Sudheer Babu
Sister-in-law:Namrata Shirodka
Height:5feet 6 inches
Age:47 years as on 2018
Hope you got complete information about  Manjula Ghattamaneni Wiki Biography Husband Family Age Height Weight.Visit the site regularly to catch the updates.
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15 Interesting Facts In King Akbar History | Biography

King Akbar's actual name is Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar.He was born on 15th october 1542.He died on 27th October 1605.His father's name is Humayun.His mother's name is Hamida Banu Begum.He expanded the Mughal emperor in India.He conquered almost all part of Indian subcontinent from north to Godavari river in the south.He ruled the country from the years 1556 to 1605.Here are 15 Interesting Facts In King Akbar History | Biography . 

king akbar history
King Akbar

15 Interesting Facts In King Akbar History | Biography 

  1. King Akbar was born in Sindh(now in Pakisthan) when his father Humayun was in Exile after getting defeated by Sher Shah Suri forces.Akbar was born when his mother was 15 years old.He was bought up by his paternal uncles and aunts in Kabul.
  2. Emperor Akbar learnt running,hunting,fighting,swimming etc which made him brave and daring.But he never learned reading and writing.
  3. Akbar's guardian, Bairam Khan did not revealed the death of Humayun when he was preparing for  succession of Akbar.After the death of Humayun Akbar with the support of  Bairam Khan became the king at the age of 14 years.He was given the title Shahanshah which is a persian word and which means king of kings.
  4. Akbar Badshah was very courageous once when he was returning from Malwa to Agra he rode on the horse very fastly and his escort fell behind.When he was riding alone on the way a tigress along with her cubs came out of the shrubs and stood in front of  Akbar.When Akbar observed this he gave a tremendous blow with his sword.The tigress fell down with a single blow.The escort who came behind observed it and was shocked.
  5. King Akbar used to drink water only from the river Ganges.When he was in travel special people were engaged to carry the Ganges water in specially sealed jars to the place where ever he stayed.He used to call the Ganges water as the water of immortality.(He died of dysentery at last by drinking contaminated water of Ganges)
  6. Akbar Badshah liked eating fruits very much in included different varieties of fruits in his daily diet.He used to eat meat in his early years of his life in very little amounts.But in his later years he stopped completely eating meat and shifted to vegetarian type of food. 
  7. Emperor Akbar constructed roads in order to allow trade.Specially he showed lot of interest in Khyber pass which is a part of ancient silk road and which connects Indian subcontinent and central Asia for. trade.
  8. Mughal Emperor Akbar found e religion called as Dīn-i Ilāhī in which he formulated the principles by observing the principles of different religions like Islam Hinduism ,Christianity Jainism ,Sikhism and Zoroastrianism.
  9. Akbar the great practised many Hindu customs.He celebrated many Hindu festivals.He used celebrate Diwali in a very interesting manner.He showed interest in tying blessing threads by Hindu priests.He prohibited the sale of meat on certain Hindu festival days.
  10. The biography of Akbar was written by Abul Fazi.The book name is called as Akbarnama.The meaning of the title is the book of Akbar.
  11. It took seven years to complete the book Akbarnama.The book consists of explanation of the life of Akbar along with beautiful paintings.
  12. Mughal Emperor Akbar's first wife was his cousin,his paternal uncles daughter Ruqaiya Sultan Begum.His second wife was the daughter of Abdullah Khan Mughal,he married her in the year 1557.His third wife was his cousin, Salima Sultan Begum.In 1562, he married the daughter of Raja Bihari Mal, ruler of Amer.In 1564 he got married to Raziya Begum.In the year 1570 he married another Rajput princes.In the same year he married daughter of Rawal Har Rai.In the year 1572 he married Bhakkari Begum.In this way he married about 13 women.
  13. On October 3,1605 he was attacked by dysentery when he drank contaminated Ganges water.He never recovered and assumed that he died on 27th October.
  14. Secret was revealed later that Akbar and his chief consort Jodha Bhai together gave birth to three sons.Among them only one survived and his name is Jehangir.Daniyel Mirza,Murad Mirza,Hussain and Hassan.
  15. Akbar's forehead is broad,his eyes were bright,he had widely opened nostrils,his eyebrows were not so thick,he has a mole on the upper lip.
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Savarakathi Review Rating Story Heroine Music Director Trailer

Savarakathi Review Rating Story Heroine Music Director Trailer  Know more about the movie Savarakathi which is releasing on 9th february.This movie is directed by G.R.Aditya.Producer of this movie is Mysskin.Music Director of this movie is Arrol Corelli.
The heroin of this movie is Shamna Kasim Poorna.Ram is playing a lead role in this movie.
Rating of the movie Savarakathi is
Movie Name:Savarakathi
Directed by G. R. Adithya
Produced by Mysskin
Written by Mysskin
Starring Ram, Mysskin,Poorna
Music by Arrol Corelli
Cinematography Karthik Venkatraman
Edited by Sathees Kumar
Production company:Lonewolf Productions
Release date:9 February 2018
Language Tamil
Roles in the movie 

  • Ram as Pitchai Moorthy
  • Mysskin as Mangeswaran
  • Poorna as Subathra
  • Shaji Chen as mad writer 
Mysskin started constructing the movie during july 2015.
Mysskin himself wrote the script of the movie.He said that the movie script is written based on the real life of a barber he knew.He got inspired by the life story of the barber who would only say the lies.
The film's director G.R.Aditya is the brother of Mysskin.G.R.Aditya convinced Mysskin to give him a oppurtunity.Aditya was contracted to a different production house initially but later shifted to work for this film.
The lead role of the barber is played by Ram who is actually a film director.He made his directorial debut with the film Kattradhu Thamizh in the year 2007.He so talented director,his second film Thanga Meengal released in the year 2013 won three National Film Fare Awards.
Ram initially refused the offer but later he accepted to come out of his serious film maker image.
Poorna was selected as the heroine of the movie after three heroines has reveccted the offer.Priyamani is also one of the actress who refused the offer.
Poorna said that she played a hearing impaired pregnant lady character in the movie.
In this film poorna speaks sivagangai slang,for which she took a ten day work shop.In this work shop she learnt the slang.
Aditya took inspiration from his own mother Ashvath.She played main role in the movies like Pisaasu (2014) and Thupparivaalan (2017).
Television anchor Swathishta Krishnan also played a key role in the movie.
 The teaser of the film was released on 15 October 2016, and then re-released in January 2018.Here you can watch the teaser of the film Savarakathi.

Hope you got complete info about Savarakathi Review Rating Story Heroine Music Director Trailer
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Jasprit Bumrah Wiki Biography Net Worth Age House Sister Birthday Cars Salary

Jasprit Bumrah Wiki Biography Net Worth  Age House Sister Birthday Cars Salary not only these know more about Indian right-arm fast-medium bowler Jasprit Bumrah.He plays for Indian national cricket team.He plays domestic cricket for Gujarat state.His height is about 175 centimeters and weight is about 70 kilograms.

He holds the record of taking 28 wickets in Twenty20 international in a calendar year.This was in T-20 series against West Indies in August 2016.
He is from Ahmedabad in Gujarat state.He was born in Ahmedabad in the year 1993 in the month of december.
Bumrah's father name is Jasbir Singh,he was an industrialist.He died when Bumrah is at the age of 7 years.
Bumrah birthday is December 1993.
It his mother Daljit who single handedly raised her children.She is a school principal.
Age of Bumrah is about 24 years.
Jasprit Bumrah sister name is Juhika Bumrah.
His nick name is JB. 
He completed his schooling from Nirman High School, Ahmadabad Gujarat.


  • For the first time he started his bowling career by playing for the Gujarat under 19 team.
  • In the year 2013 he entered in to the Indian premier league with Mumbai Indians.
  • He played his first T20 match with Australia in the year 2016 in the month of January.
  • For the first time when he played his first class match he took 7 wickets which was a record.
  • In the year 2013 in his debute match of IPL he took 3 wickets for 32 runs against the Royal Challengers Banglore.With this match he came in to lime light.
  • With his variety slingy action he troubled many batsmen.
  • He made his debute in the first class cricket match against Vidarbha cricket team during the 2013–14 season.
For the first time Bumrah's talent was noticed by Mumbai Indians coach John Wright during Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in the year 2013.
His estimated net worth is about $1million.
He receives about 25 lakhs salary per month from all sources.
House address of Bumrah is,he owns a luxurious house in Ahmedabad.
He owns a swift car of price 6lakhs.Honda verna of price 12 lakhs. 
Jasprit Bumrah Personal information
Full name:Jasprit Jasbir Singh Bumrah
Born:6 December 1993 (age 24)
Place of birth:Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Batting style:Right-handed
Bowling style: Right-arm Fast-medium
Rolein the tetam:Bowler
International information
National side:India
Test debut :5 January 2018 v South Africa
Last Test:24 January 2018 v South Africa
ODI debut :23 January 2016 v Australia
Last ODI 4: February 2018 v South Africa
ODI shirt no. 93
T20I debut :26 January 2016 v Australia
Last T20I:22 December 2017 v Sri Lanka
T20I shirt no. 93
Hope you got complete information about Jasprit Bumrah Wiki Biography Net Worth  Age House Sister Birthday Cars  Salary.
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Nandita Swetha Wiki Biography Age Films Family Height Weight

Nandita Swetha Wiki Biography Age Films Family  Height Weight and also know about her complete profile in this post.
Nanditas latest telugu movie is going on to sets in march.In this movie Nithin is the hero and this movie is being produced by Dil Raju.The name of this movie is Srinivasa Kalyaanam.
Her first telugu movie was ekkadiki pothaavu chinna vaadaa.She gained lot of compliments from the critics for her beauty and for her action in the movie.Her first movie in the career is a kannada movie Nanda loves Nandita.
Srinivasa Kalyaanam is being directed by shathamaanam Bhavathi fame Satish Vegnesh.
She is very bussy in the Tamil film industry and entered very late in to the Telugu film industry.
nandita swetha wiki biography
Nandita Swetha

Nandita Swetha Wiki Biography Age Films Family  Height Weight

She started her acting career in the year 2008 with a Kannada movie.Nanda Loves Nandita.
Her charecters name in the first movie is Nandita.So she adopted Nanditha as her screen name.
Her first Tamil movie was  Attakathi.This movie was directed by pa.Ranjith.Critics appreciated her action in the movie.
In the year 2013 she acted as an athlet in the Tamil movie called as Ethir Neechal.In this movie she gained lot of compliments both from the critics and from the audience.
She also appeared in the comedy movie called as Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara.This film was released on october 2nd,2013.
Date of borth of Nanditha Swetha is 30 april 1986.
Her father is a businessman and her mother is a home maker.
She belongs to Karnataka State.Her birth place is Bengaluru.
Her age is about 31 years as on the 2017.
She belongs to Hindhu religion.
Her mother tongue is Kannada.
She lives in Bengaluru,Karnataka.
Height of Nanditha Swetha is 

Personal Information

Height In Meters - 1.58 m
Height In Feet Inches - 5 feet 7 inches
Height In Centimeters - 166 cm
Weight In Kilograms - 58kg
Weight In Pounds - 124 lbs
Figure (Body) Measurements
Bra Size - 33 Inches
Waist Size - 24 Inches
Hips Size - 35 Inches
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black


By her Telugu debute film Ekkadiki pothaavu chinnavaada she won film fare award for best supporting actress in the year 2016.
For the film Ethir Neechal she won Won SIIMA Award for Best Supporting Actress in the year 2013.
nandita swetha wiki biography
Nandita Swetha at SIIMA awards

In the year 2013 she was nominated for best supporting actress fort he film Ethir Neechal.
For the Tamil film Mundaasupatti in the year 2014 she won the Edison Award for Best Retro Actress.

Movies List Of Nandita Swetha

  • 2008 Nanda Loves Nandita
  • 2012 Attakathi
  • 2013 Ethir Neechal
  • 2013 Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara
  • 2014 Mundaasupatti Kalaivani
  • 2014 Nalanum Nandhiniyum
  • 2014 Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani
  • 2015 Puli Pushpa Tamil
  • 2015 Uppu Karuvaadu
  • 2016 Anjala
  • 2016 Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada
  • 2017 Ulkuthu
Hope you got complete information about Nandita Swetha Wiki Biography Age Films Family  Height Weight.
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Savita Punia Wiki Biography Age Height Records Family

Here in this post i will let you know the complete information and details of Savita Punia Wiki Biography Age Height Records Family.Savitha Punia is an Indian women hockey player..Her Date Of Birth is 11th June 1990.Savita Punia age is 27 years.She is from Haryana state in India.Her role in the hockey team is as goal keeper.She played in the Rio Olympics 2016 which were held in Brazil.
savita punia

Savita Punia Wiki Biography Age Height Records Family

She was born in a village called  Jodhkan in Sirsa area of Haryana.Her grandfather's name is Mahinder Singh who encouraged her to take up hockey as a sport.Savita Punia's coach name in starting days is Sunder Singh Kharab. 
Savita played in more than 100 international level games..For the rirst time she was qualified for the national level team in the year 2007.When she was qualified for the national team her age was just 17 years.
In the year 2009 she was a member of the hockey team which was participated in the junior Asia Cup.

India won a bronze medal in 2013 women's Asia Cup which was held in Malaysia.In earning this Bronze medal the key role was played by Savita.She saved two crucial saves in the penalty shoot out.
India got qualified for the Rio Olympics in the 2016.This qualification was counted basing on the excellent performance India showed at the Hockey World League held at Belgium.In this league India stood in the 5th place and thus qualified for the Rio Olympics.after 36 years.
Even in the Hawke's bay cup she performed very effectively in NewZealand.Her hard work in this cup made India stood at 6th place in the tournament.
In the world league round 2 her extraordinary performance helped Indian team to defeat Chile.

Awards to Savita Punia

In the year 2015 at Hockey India Annual Awards she got Baljit Singh Goal Keeper Award.
She was awarded as a best goal keeper in the country.
She received a cash award of 1 lakh rupees for her contribution to the sports.
She has 131 international caps to her credit.
Savita played more than 130 matches fro Indian international women's hockey team.
Haryana government promised a job under the scheme medal lao naukri pao.Government promised to give a job if she brings the medal.She played a key role in getting the bronze medal in the Asia cup.But the government did not kept the promise.
Hope you got complete information about Savita Punia Wiki Biography Age Height Records Family

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Anukul Roy Wiki Biography Age Height Career Records

Here in this post know complete information about Anukul Roy Wiki Biography Age Height Career Records.Anukul Roy is an under 19 Indian Cricket player.His Date Of Birth is November 30,1998.His Age is about 19 years as on 2007.He is a left handed batsman and left handed spinner.His native place is Saraikela Kharswan, Jharkhand.He played for Jharkhand team and gained the impressions of cricket critics.Roy's Home Town is Samastipur.

Anukul Roy Wiki Biography Age Height Career Records 

He took 14 wickets in under 19 cricket world cup.He is also selected for ICC under 19 cricket team along with Subhman Gill,Prithvi Shaw,Manjyoth Kalra and Kamlesh Nagar Koti.He is very famous for his unique bowling style.He loved the play of Dravid,Virat Kohli and Sachin.His father Sudhakar Roy is an advocate in samastipur.

Anukul Roy Personal Information

  • Full Name:Anukul Sudhakar Roy
  • Nickname:Will be updated
  • Date of birth:Nov 30, 1998 
  • Age :19 years
  • Birth Place:Saraikela Kharswan, Jharkhand
  • Height in feets:5' 7" 
  • Height in meters :1.71 m 
  • Height in centimeters :173 cm 
  • Weight in kilograms:62 Kg 
  • Weight in pounds :134 lbs 
  • Figure(Body) Measurements
  • Chest- 40 inches
  • Waist - 30 inches
  • Biceps- 14 inches
  • Marital Status :Unmarried
  • Father Name :Sudhakar Roy

Anukul Roy Career And Records

In the year 2017 in the under 19 england tour Roy gained the sight of lot of people as he took 3 wickets and scored 63 runs.He played domestic cricket in the Jharkhand team.He served as captain for the jaharkhand team.
In England tour while playing One Day Intenational under 19 games he done his best.He took 4 wickets and scored 42 runs.Later because of injury he missed playing in Asia cup and Challenger Cup.

Brajesh Jha who was the head of the samastipura cricket club spotted Roy and made him admitted in to the cricket club to give him right cricket education.Now he is playing a allrounder role in the under 19 cricket team.
Anukul Roy served as captain in 8th All India Vaibhav Memorial U-19 Cricket tournamentwhich was held at Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.
His success in England team made the selectors to select him from under 19 world cup team which was held at NewZealand.
Roy is a star in tennis-ball cricket.
At the age of ten years Roy started training in Jha's academy.
Hope you got complete information about Anukul Roy Wiki Biography Age Height Career Records

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Divya Unni Biography Wiki Family Movies Age

Here know the complete Divya Unni Biography Wiki Family Movies Age details.Divya Unni is a famous malayaalam actress.She is also a clasical dancer.She performs various forms like Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattom.She was born on october 22 ,1982.Her age is about 36 years.She was born at Kochi in Kerala.Her residence is at Kochi,Kerala and also lives in Houston in United States.
Her father's name is Ponnethmadhatil Unnikrishnan and her mother's name is Kizhkemadhatil Uma Devi.Her mother Umadevi is a sanskrit teacher.Her mother took national award for teachers from the president of India in the year 2013.The then president was Pranabh Mukherjee.
Divya completed her schooling in  Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Girinagar.She has done her bachelors degree in communicative engllish from St. Teresa's College, Ernakulam.

Family and Marriage
divya unni

Her first husband name is Sudhir Sekharan Menon.After fourteen year long married life she separated from her husband.This shocked the entire kerala film lovers.The first husband is a doctor in America.This couple had two children.Their names are arjun and meenaakshi.Later the couple has been divorced.Divya returned to India with her children after getting divorced.
Now this famous actress got married to a software employee.The name of Divya Unni second husband is Arun kumar Manikandan.He works as a software engineer in America.Their marriage was held in Houston in Guruvaayappan temple in America.

Divya Career In Films

Divya appeared in over 50 films in malayaalam,tamil,telugu and in kannada.She acted as a child actor.When she was in second grade she got a hit with the movie Nee Ethra Dhanya.She also acted in a TV serial Iniyonnu Vishramikkatte.
As an actress her first film was Kalyana Sowgandhigam.The hero of this film was Dilip.She worked with all leading actors in malayaalm like Mohan Lal.Mammotty,Suresh Gopi,Dilip,Jayaram.She worked with all leading directors like Bharathan; I V Sasi; Sibi Malayil and Lohithadas.
She acted in a telugu film illaalu priyuraalu in the year 2006.
She acted in a Kannada fillm Baanallu Neene Bhuviyallu Neene in the year 2001.
She acted in Tamil films like Sabhash,Kannan,Varuvaan,Palayathu Amman in the year 2000.
She also acted in Tamil films like Vedham and Aandan Adimai in the year 2001.
She acted in following Malayaalam films
  • 2013 Musafir
  • 2010 Upadesiyude Makan
  • 2008 Magic Lamp
  • 2000 Nakshathragal Parayathirunnathu
  • 2000 Mark Antony
  • 1999 Niram
  • 1999 Aakasha Ganga
  • 1999 Aayiram Meni
  • 1999 Usthad
  • 1999 Friends
  • 1998 Sooryaputhran
  • 1998 The Truth
  • 1998 Ayushman Bhava
  • 1998 Oru Maravathoor Kanavu Annie
  • 1998 Pranayavarnangal
  • 1997 Varnapakittu
  • 1997 Churam
  • 1997 Katha Nayagan
  • 1997 Karunyam
  • 1997 Nee Varuvolam
  • 1997 Shibiram
  • 1996 Kalyana Sowgandhikam
  • 1993 Sowbhagyam
  • 1993 O' Faby
  • 1991 Pookkalam Varavayi
  • 1987 Neeyethra Dhanya

Divya Career As A Dancer

Divya started her Bharatha Natyam training when she was just three yeras old.She took training in Kuchipudi, and Mohiniyattam.
In the years 1990 and 1991 she got the title ''Kalathilakom'' in state wide dance competitions.She performed variety of dance forms of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, and Indian folk dance on Indian National Channel Doordarshan.She also performed her dance forms through out America.Europe and Persian Gulf countries.
She received many awards like  Aravindaksha Memorial Awardthe Abhinaya Tilaka Puraskaram for her dance performance.
Hope you got complete information about Divya Unni Biography Wiki Family Movies Age

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Divya Unni Second Marriage Husband Name Children Names First Husband

Here in this post iam going to share with you Divya Unni Second Marriage Husband Name Children Names First Husband .Divya Unni is a famous malayalam actress.Her first husband name is Sudhir Sekharan Menon.After fourteen year long married life she separated from her husband.This shocked the entire kerala film lovers.The first husband is a doctor in America.This couple had two children.Their names are arjun and meenaakshi.Later the couple has been divorced.Divya returned to India with her children after getting divorced.
Her second husband name is Arun kumar Manikandan,a software employee in Houstan, Texas

Now this famous actress got married to a software employee.The name of Divya Unni second husband is Arun kumar Manikandan.He works as a software engineer in America.Their marriage was held in Houston in Guruvaayappan temple in America.

For the actress second marriage the invitations were sent to only the family members and for the well-wishers.In this occassion she shared her marriage photos with the netizens.These photos became viral in the social media.

Personal Information Of Divya Unni

  • Born:October 22
  • Native Place:Kochi, Kerala, India
  • Residence:Kochi, Kerala; Houston, United States
  • Occupation:Actress, Indian classical dance performer and teacher
  • Years active:1987-present
  • Height:5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

She acted in about 50 malayaalam movies.she worked with allmost all malayalam super stars.She worked with the stars like mohan lal ,mammootty and dilip.Her last film was Musafir.
Arun kumars native place is Thiruvanathapuram.He settled in Houston,Texas.
Her sisters name is Vidhya Unni,she is also a actress in Malayaalam film industry.
Hope you got information about Divya Unni Second Marriage Husband Name Children Names First Husband
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