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15 Interesting Facts In King Akbar History | Biography

King Akbar's actual name is Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar.He was born on 15th october 1542.He died on 27th October 1605.His father's name is Humayun.His mother's name is Hamida Banu Begum.He expanded the Mughal emperor in India.He conquered almost all part of Indian subcontinent from north to Godavari river in the south.He ruled the country from the years 1556 to 1605.Here are 15 Interesting Facts In King Akbar History | Biography . 

king akbar history
King Akbar

15 Interesting Facts In King Akbar History | Biography 

  1. King Akbar was born in Sindh(now in Pakisthan) when his father Humayun was in Exile after getting defeated by Sher Shah Suri forces.Akbar was born when his mother was 15 years old.He was bought up by his paternal uncles and aunts in Kabul.
  2. Emperor Akbar learnt running,hunting,fighting,swimming etc which made him brave and daring.But he never learned reading and writing.
  3. Akbar's guardian, Bairam Khan did not revealed the death of Humayun when he was preparing for  succession of Akbar.After the death of Humayun Akbar with the support of  Bairam Khan became the king at the age of 14 years.He was given the title Shahanshah which is a persian word and which means king of kings.
  4. Akbar Badshah was very courageous once when he was returning from Malwa to Agra he rode on the horse very fastly and his escort fell behind.When he was riding alone on the way a tigress along with her cubs came out of the shrubs and stood in front of  Akbar.When Akbar observed this he gave a tremendous blow with his sword.The tigress fell down with a single blow.The escort who came behind observed it and was shocked.
  5. King Akbar used to drink water only from the river Ganges.When he was in travel special people were engaged to carry the Ganges water in specially sealed jars to the place where ever he stayed.He used to call the Ganges water as the water of immortality.(He died of dysentery at last by drinking contaminated water of Ganges)
  6. Akbar Badshah liked eating fruits very much in included different varieties of fruits in his daily diet.He used to eat meat in his early years of his life in very little amounts.But in his later years he stopped completely eating meat and shifted to vegetarian type of food. 
  7. Emperor Akbar constructed roads in order to allow trade.Specially he showed lot of interest in Khyber pass which is a part of ancient silk road and which connects Indian subcontinent and central Asia for. trade.
  8. Mughal Emperor Akbar found e religion called as Dīn-i Ilāhī in which he formulated the principles by observing the principles of different religions like Islam Hinduism ,Christianity Jainism ,Sikhism and Zoroastrianism.
  9. Akbar the great practised many Hindu customs.He celebrated many Hindu festivals.He used celebrate Diwali in a very interesting manner.He showed interest in tying blessing threads by Hindu priests.He prohibited the sale of meat on certain Hindu festival days.
  10. The biography of Akbar was written by Abul Fazi.The book name is called as Akbarnama.The meaning of the title is the book of Akbar.
  11. It took seven years to complete the book Akbarnama.The book consists of explanation of the life of Akbar along with beautiful paintings.
  12. Mughal Emperor Akbar's first wife was his cousin,his paternal uncles daughter Ruqaiya Sultan Begum.His second wife was the daughter of Abdullah Khan Mughal,he married her in the year 1557.His third wife was his cousin, Salima Sultan Begum.In 1562, he married the daughter of Raja Bihari Mal, ruler of Amer.In 1564 he got married to Raziya Begum.In the year 1570 he married another Rajput princes.In the same year he married daughter of Rawal Har Rai.In the year 1572 he married Bhakkari Begum.In this way he married about 13 women.
  13. On October 3,1605 he was attacked by dysentery when he drank contaminated Ganges water.He never recovered and assumed that he died on 27th October.
  14. Secret was revealed later that Akbar and his chief consort Jodha Bhai together gave birth to three sons.Among them only one survived and his name is Jehangir.Daniyel Mirza,Murad Mirza,Hussain and Hassan.
  15. Akbar's forehead is broad,his eyes were bright,he had widely opened nostrils,his eyebrows were not so thick,he has a mole on the upper lip.


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