How to be happy-proven ways to becoming a happier person.

What is happiness ? Where do we get happiness from?whether happiness is a part of interior world or exterior world?
Do we get happiness in relations or in achievements or at holy places?
Life is short ,we have to spend the life happily we know this very well.
Then how , how can we live happily.
be happy

If you want to live happily first of all we have to know the cause of happiness.
Here Iam going to present you some facts about happiness revealed by the great mind masters which definitely helps you to live happily.
We know very well about the sadness,we can say very easily how the sadness will be,
We know about the anger,irritation and about lot of other negative emotions.
We can explain very well about our situation  when these negative emotions attack us.
But when you start saying about happiness you complain that the happiness just comes and goes away.
Why the happiness comes and goes away just like that?
Life is nothing but it is a series of situations.Number of situations come one after the other.
Just like scenes in a feature film.
Some scenes in our life may be in favour of us and some other scenes may not be in our favour.
If you observe keenly every one of us has given the control of our state of mind to the situations which happens in our daily lives.
So when the situation is in our favour,the state of mind will be perfect and we feel happy.
When the situations changes and are not according to us, our feelings and emotions also changes because our state of mind is effected and changed accordingly.
(Remember here when the situation is not in our favour, it is ourselves who create bad quality thoughts in our mind .)
This is why happiness comes and goes.
So the first thing you have to do to be happy is stop the dependency of the state of mind on the situations in your life
Every one of us know very well in order to be happy we have to take care of our family ,office,kids,job,physical health etc
But one thing people forget to add to the list and that is the mind.
Yes we have to take care of our mind .
Observe every moment the quality of thoughts and state of mind.
Do not allow the situations to effect on your state of mind and keep an eye on the quality of thoughts.
In order to get happiness we have to look for it where exactly it is available.
Change the wrong belief system that happiness is obtained from somewhere else.Start believing that happiness is basical quality of the being.
That means basically human being is happy we deviate from this preloaded quality by the wrong belief system that happiness is dependent on situations in the life and by giving the control of state of our mind to the situations.
So always remember that happiness is inbuilt feature of this beautiful being,always take care of your mind,observe the quality of thoughts at every step of your life and change the wrong belief system that happiness is obtained from exterior world.

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