Shaala Siddhi New User Registration Login Data Entry

Welcome new user in this post which is headed by Shaala Siddhi New User Registration  Login Data Entry  you will learn how you  you can register in the shaala siddhi site ,how you can get the user name and password and you will also know how you can do the data entry in the shaala siddhi site.

About Shaala Siddhi

Actually this is the programme going on under National Programme On School Standards And Evaluation NPSSE.Initially central government started this programme as a pilot project in some north indian states.After getting success in those states now the government taken the inititive to apply this formula through out the country India.Indian government felt that the effective schools are necessary in order to uplift the indian education system and in turn provide the qualilty eduction for the indian children.By this project the government will know the performance of the different schools in india and so that it can take necessary steps inorder to increase the school standards.This National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation has been initiated by National University of Educational Planning and Administration which is known as NUEPA, under  Union Ministry of Human Resource Development.This project has developed School Standards and Evaluation an instrument to know the performance of different schools located in the country in different parts of the states.This SSE frame work contains seven key domains,by these domains the authorities will get a clear idea about the school status and performance.

How To Login In To Shaala Siddhi site 

Inorder to login in to the site just follow the steps given below-
*open any browser like chrome or fire fox.
*In the search bar type or just click on the
You will see the below page.
*On the top right side you can see the login button.
*Now just click on the login button.
*Then you will be taken to the below page.
*As you are the new user you cant login right now,if you are an exisitng user you can just enter the required credentials like user name and password and you can enter in to the main streem of the site but you are the new user you cant enter in to the site.
* To enter into the site  first of all you have to create your user name and password.

New user Registration Shaala Siddhi

* for this under the submit button in the above page you can see the new user click here ,so just click on those words.
Then you will be taken to the below page.Which is headed by SCHOOL EVALUATION DASHBOARD.
*Now in the page fill up the user details -
*In the first coloumn which says select level choose school level as we are entering the site with UDISE
*In the second coloumn enter your school UDISE code.
*In the third coloumn enter the Head master first name 
*In the fourth coloumn enter the Head master last name.
*If in case of the private school enter the school name.
*In the mobile number coloumn give your mobile number.
*In the email id coloumn give your email id.
*You can give both or you can give any one better you give the mobile number.
After filling all the coloumns just click on generate PIN (OTP).
Then a page with a box where you have to fill the OTP will appear ,on that box just type the pin which you got to your mobile number.
*Once you enter the OTP ,a new page where you can create password will appear.There Enter new password and confirm password.
(Rule:Password length should be between 8 to 10 characters, must contain at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one digit and one special character.Allowed special chars are !@#$%^&*()+=.)(Ex: Nav@2012) 
*Then click on the create user ,On successfull creation of password, you will be redirected to home page.
Now in the above home page enter your UDISE code in the place of username and enter your password then click on the submit button.
Then you will be taken to the below page.
If once the above page opens it means you have entered in to the main stream of the site where you have to start your project.
On the left side of the page you can see number of tabs like home,manage user request,learners,teachers,school evaluation composite matrix action for continuous improvement plan .You have to work on these tabs.If you complete all these tabs then you will get the report which you have to submit.
If you complete all the tabs you can see the green colour ticks as in the above figure.I completed some tabs so you can see few green colour ticks in the above figure.Some tabs are not yet completed so there you can see the red colour ticks.On the top you can see is final submission done beside that you can see a red colour mark,taht means final submission is not yet done,If you do the report submission then there you can see a green mark.
Keep in the mind that there is no edit option.Once you submit and that will be the final.
But there is one option where you unfreeze the data and you can go for the edit,butu that you have to send a request for that just click on the manage request tab in the above image then you will betaken to the below page
In the above page you can request for the required item.

How To Do Data Entry In Shaala Siddhi

Now fr the data entry when you hover your mouse on the learners tab you can see three options like learners profile and learning outcomes,learning out comes annual consolidated reports,nd performance in key subjects.
When you click on the learners profile and learning out comes you will be taken to the below page 
In the above page just fill up the demographic profile that is number of SC,ST OBC,General and Minority students ,when fill up all these tabs the total will be dispalyed automatically.
Next you have to take class wise annual attendance rate,which is to be calculated fo all the classes with the help of the given below example
After completing the above window you can click on the submit.When you click submit you will be allowed to enter in to the next window which will be just like this.
In the above window for filling up all the spaces you have to calculate the percentage of marks of all students in all classes then group them according to the above given dimensions that means how many arre there unde 33%,how many are there under 33-40% etc sort out in this way and fill up all the spaces and click submit.
Then you have to work on the third sub tab performance in key subjects.

Where you have to give the grade for the students that means how many students are there how many got A grade how many got B grade etc.
 and grades must be given according to the below Criteria,
Grade A: Students have achieved 81 - 100 marks in key subjects:
Grade B: Students have achieved 61 - 80 marks in key subjects:
Grade C: Students have achieved 41 - 60 marks in key subjects:
Grade D: Students have achieved 33 - 40 marks in key subjects and:
Grade E: Students have achieved 00 - 32 marks in key subjects

You can write the comments for any low performance in the box provide in the above window.
Then if you click the submit you will complete learners tab successfully.
Next in the teachers button you will get two sub tabs which says number of students in each category and teachers have to fill those both where you will be asked to provide the number of trained teachers and number of untrained teachers after submitting then click on the submit then you will taken to another page you have to provide information bout the teachers attendance that means you have to give information about the number of teachers who have gone on long leave and who have gone on short leave,then click on the submit.With this you will complete the Teachers tab.
Hope you got complete information about the Shaala Siddhi New User Registration  Login Data Entry