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Rajini Mandram  Fans online register App Download Rajini Mandram App Website Name logo Fans online register App Download Super star Rajinikanth made one more step forward by launching a android mobile application with name Rajini Mandram.He also started a website webpage called as www.rajinimandram.org. One day after announcement of the political entry Rajini officially launched an an andriod app and started a webpage.This made the fans to celebrate at the peak levels.

Rajini Fans Online Register

Rajinikanth fans association is already very active and this step of launching app is due to make more number of fans active and bringing them together.Rajinikanth fans association name is All India Rajinikanth Fans Association.which is called as 'Akila Indiya Rajinikanth Rasigar Mandram'.
In a very shot video clip Rajini sir thanked every one who welcomed his political entry.Rajini made a appeal to all his fans and to all general public who are willing to have a change in the politics to join in the association and extend hands for the better society.
Rajini sir said that the fans association should become strong and the association should itself mould in to a political party untill the next assembly elections.
The fans of rajinikanth and the general public those who are willing to join in the association should enter their names along with voter id and other details and should join in the association.
You can join the association here ---------------

Download the Rajini Mandram Android App 

Rajini Mandram Android app is now available on google play store.Any one can download the app and can install the app in their andorid apps.With the help of this app all the people can download the app and register themselves in the association of rajinikanth fans which is very much active all over the india.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
The app, web page and the official letter head of the 'mandram' which carried the actor's audio-visual message in print featured prominently the association's logo.

Logo Of Rajini Mandram

The logo is a 'baba mudra' against a blue backdrop encircled by a serpent in black. 
The mudra has significance in yoga and it features the ring and middle fingers held by the thumb even as the little and index fingers are in an upright position. 
In Hindu spiritual tradition, the serpent is a symbol representing awakened consciousness through yogic pursuits. 
"Truthfulness, hardwork, growth," and "think good, speak good, do good are the slogans written on the web page,android app.
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