List Of Items In KCR Kit Telangana

 List Of Items In KCR Kit Telangana

List Of Items In KCR Kit Telangana know more information about KCRKit also know the about the list of items in KCR kit.Know how to register for kcr kit the Registration details.

List Of Items In KCR Kit Telangana

This scheme is launched by the chief minister of Telangana K.Chandrasheker Rao on 2nd june 2017.The main of the scheme is to improve the health of the newly born child and the mother.

After the delivery the mother will be provide with the KCR Kit  which consists of 16 items.These 16 items which are present in the KCRKit will keep the newly born baby warm and help the baby to be hygienic.

List Of Items In KCRKit

KCR Kit consists of the following items.

clothes, quality baby soaps, baby oil, baby powder, mosquito nets, toys, napkins, and diapers

List of items in kcr kit are

mosquito net which costs about 350 rupees.

clothes which costs about 200 rupees.

Baby napkins which cost about 100 rupees.

Baby soaps which costs about 90 rupees.

Baby Shampoo which costs about 85 rupees.

Baby Toys which costs about 50 rupees

Baby oil which costs about 200 rupees.

Baby soap box. which costs about 25 rupees

Jhonson Bbay powder which costs about 120 rupees.

The mother will be provided with two sarees of costs 350 rupees.A kit bag which cost 150 rupees and bucket which costs 50 rupees is also given in the kcr kit

Along with these items if a baby girl is born 13000 rupees will be given and if a baby boy is born 12000 rupees will be given.

This scheme is launched by the chief minister KCR in the petla buruju government hospital in old city in hyderabad.

The first mother to receive the scheme benefit is mekala sabhitha of old city.

Eligibility of KCR Kit scheme

The mother who is delivered in the government hospital is eligible for the scheme.This scheme is not intended for the mothers who delivered in the private hospitals.

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