Shaala Siddhi Format Pdf Downlaod User Manual

Shaala Siddhi Format Pdf Downlaod User Manual

Shaala Siddhi Format Pdf Downlaod User Manual here in this post you can download free the format or the user manual of shaala siddhi free download.which is displayed in the official can learn here how to fill shaala siddhi form very easily without any others help.

Shaala Siddhi Format Pdf Downlaod User Manual

Shaala Siddhi Format Pdf Downlaod User Manual 

While filling the form you have to notice the following important points.

  • This website should be used only by authorized personnel of the School.
  • You have to save your login Id, Password and PIN (OTP) for any future use.
  • You have to fill up all the components of the Dashboard.With out leaving any thing empty.
  • You can click on the ICON on the left hand of your screen and sequentially fill up the Dashboard.
  • Kindly edit your information (if needed) before final submission.
  • You have to press the final submission only after the completing the entire process perfectly with out any mistakes.
Here you can download the shaala siddhi format or usual manual in pdf format from Here
Following five important steps should be followed while filling up the form.The steps you have to follow are as below.
Step 1 : create new user

To create a new user firstly you have to enter n to the official website Then you have to click on the login button which is visible on the screen.

If you are a new user you have to click on the new user.

The new user details like Select Level,UDISE code,First Name,Last Name,Mobile No or Email ID in order to get your PIN one time password.

The important point here you have to notice is that you have to save your PIN and one time password for the later use.

Step 2 : Login

After you login use your 11 digit U-DISE code as your username.Then enter the password and click submit.

Step 3 : filling up the dashboard.

You have to follow the below points in filling up the dashboard

You have to fill properly the Demographic profile

Do not forget to Fill class wise Attendance rate. Class wise Annual Attendance rate can be obtaine by the by the formula which is given in the on submit then click the next.

Fill class wise learning outcomes in percentage in respective percentage range for each class, Click on submit then click next.

You have to Fill the number of teachers working in the school,then Click on Submit and then click Next
• Fill the number of Teachers who availed long leave as well as short leave, Click on Submit and then
Select your level against each Core Standard and prioritize the Area of Improvement.
(Low/Medium/High), Click on Submit and then Next
Likewise fill all the Seven Key Domains
Fill the Mission Statement in English only (Word limit; 20-50 words)
Fill Area of Improvement, Proposed Action, Support Needed, and Action Taken for all Seven Key

Step 4 :Final submission and data unfreeze

Step 5 :Generating Reports.

For complete details and to download the pdf of shaala siddhi format click here 

At last you have to save the  PDF/word/excel copy / For your own record.

Hoipe you got complete information about Shaala Siddhi Format Pdf Downlaod User Manual  thank you for visiting the site.