Signature Bridge Delhi Wiki Length Budget Details Measurements

  Signature Bridge Delhi Wiki Length Budget Details Measurements Information

  Signature Bridge Delhi Wiki Length Details Information This bridge is built with cables and it is located on the Yamuna river in Delhi chief minister Aravindh Kejriwal inaugurated the bridge on November 4th 2018.Here in this article know complete information about this country's first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge.

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Signature Bridge Delhi Wiki Length Details Information

This bridge is the tallest structure in Delhi and this bridge is taller than the Qutub Minar.It is nearly double the height of the Qutub Minar.The height of this bridge is about 165 meters or 541 feet.
The bridge contains a viewing box at 154 meter height.This box will serve as a selfie point for the viewers.
This bridge cut shorts the distance between north and north east Delhi.

Signature Bridge Details Information

  • This bridge Carries 8 lanes, pedestrians and bicycles
  • Location of the bridge is Delhi, India
  • Official name is Signature Bridge
  • Characteristics Design Cable-stayed bridge
  • Material used in the construction Steel and Concrete
  • Total length is 675 metres (2,215 ft)
  • Width of the bridge is 35.2 metres (115 ft)
  • Height of the bridge is 165 metres (541 ft)
  • Longest span is 251 metres (823 ft)

Reason Behind Constructing The Bridge Background

There is actually a old bridge called Wazirabad bridge connecting north and north east delhi.This bridge is very narrow. in the year 1998 a terricfic accident took place on the narrow Wazirabad bridge.In this accident 22 school children were dead.Because of this incident the delhi government planned to construct another bridge parallel to this bridge.The idea was implemented in the end od 1998.

Signature Bridge Delhi Budget

When the plan was ready at the end of the year the estimation for the construction of the bridge was actually 1100 crores.The construction was stopped many times because of lack of man power and for many other reasons.The works started again in full swing in the year 2004.The budget was rosed to 1875 crores rupees.Many deadlines for the inauguration were kept but almost 6 deadlines were missed.Initially the officials thought to inaugurate the bridge in the year 2010.Later one more dead line was observed as 2016.But at last the construction was completed in the year 2018.

Signature Bridge Delhi Measurements

The length of the bridge is about 675 meters and 35.2 meters wide.This bridge mainly connects east delhi to Wazirabad.
The main pillar of the bridge is at the height of 154 meters.The tourist can reach to the top of the main pillar just like Eiffel Tower.From this point north Delhi can be viewed.

Who is the designer of the Signature bridge 

Designer of the signature bridge is Construma Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (foundations), Ratan J. Batliboi - Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (architectural advisor)

Construction of the bridge is started in the year 2004 and ended in 2018.The bridge is opened on 4th november 2018.

Location of Signature Bridge

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Watch The Signature Bridge Delhi

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