My name is sravan saineni
Basically iam a teacher in private sector .I teaches physical science and maths .I love teaching and enjoy teaching.I will be very much eager to spread the new thing which I have learnt.I gather lots of information in the subjects and help the students get the best knowledge.
I entered in to the blogging just as an hobby in 2014. In the starting days i used to just record my poetry in the blog called sravan
From the past four years i have been researching on mind skills.I have extensively gone through the subject of human psychology.
I have gone through the books and listened to the numerous number of lectures of all time great mind masters of the world like Eckhart tolle,jiddu krishna murthy,UG krishna murthy sister shivani etc.
I took the teachings of these people to the heart and started experimenting them at every step of my life and came out with grand success in later part of the experiment.
In the beginning i became  much frustrated because the result of the experiment made me more stressed .
Later the teachings worked for me .
And I tackled a  lot of dreadful situations in my life very easily.
During the process of applying the techniques i welcomed problems and I wished to have more problems.
Fortunately lot of problems came and greeted me in the journey of my life and gave me a very good opportunity to develop my mind skills.

It is with the help of the teachings of these great mind masters i faced very easily the great loss in my career and came out of it  very quickly with out any fragments of past  thoughts  remaining in my mind and i was emotionally healed for my self
I not only thank the mind masters .I also thank the mind spoilers ( i used to call the persons who  creats the mess for me as mind spoilers but after going through teachings now I call them just as stimulators and I call myself as mind spoiler because the persons and situations just stimulates and response is created by me ) so I thank the stimulators
because if that person  is absesnt you can not apply the techniques and get success on this way .

I thought why shouldn't i  share the teachings of great mind masters which I learnt through a blog .
Soon after the above thought I remained with the blog readme5minutes.


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